In all classes, we will provide the materials needed each week. We will be creating mixed media journal pages, using a variety of papers, acrylics, watercolors, markers, stamps, inks, pencils and more. There will be a time for both unstructured & structured art work & if you can write the alphabet, you can draw. We promise!


Between the Trees

4 & 12 week series on the Big Picture Story of the Gardens of Shalom. There is no way you have heard this gospel story quite like this! Come for a fresh encounter with the Godhead & leave astounded by the Story that God is working out on earth & impassioned for your place in it. 

Thou Art:        I AM 

4 & 12 week series on Identity. If you want to know WHO you are you must discover WHOSE you are so you can live a life that is Whole, Healed & Overflowing. We are going to counter the universal fear that "I am not enough" by encountering the One who is Everything and discover the art we were created to be.

Group of flowers.Self.jpg

Ancient Sisters

4 & 12 week series inspired by some of the most amazing women in the Bible. Designed around the themes of love, acceptance, worth & security, we will hang out with these ancient sisters and (re)familiarize ourselves with their stories from a fresh perspective and within the cultural & historical contexts they were written. Despite thousands of years between us, we share similar joys, sorrows, strengths, weaknesses, trials and triumphs, and through their vulnerability, we gain guidance and insight into our role as God's beloved & powerful daughters.


Jesus loved talking about nature, plants, seeds & trees when He taught about His Kingdom, Heaven, relationships, your purpose and more. We see that all of creation is an expression of Creator God and there is much that nature can teach, encourage and inspire us in our pursuit of healthy soul living. We can't live in every season at the same time, but we can learn the art of being present & mindful in each season and calling them all beautiful.