Founder & Art Ministry Director

Founder & Art Ministry Director

Meet Elle 

Elle was born in a suburb of Boston, MA and as a daughter of a pilot, moved 12 more times in her first 18 years, finally settling in Charlotte, NC.  The very first thing she ever wanted to be when she grew up was an artist. Throughout childhood, you could find Elle with paper & colored pencils, a notebook for creative writing, a stack of fiction books on her nightstand and dreaming about a life full of art, writing and theater. By the time she was 15, she had encountered Jesus Christ in a powerful and personal way and knew that God had also called her into a life of ministry. Over the years, she realized she was created to "go, and communicate Truth in a creative way." 

By age 20, she married and went on to have four incredible children (currently ages 12-19), choosing a season to stay at home to raise and homeschool them. This was a beautiful season and encouraged a rich time of learning and teaching everything, from reading, writing & 'rithmetic to theology, music and of course, art and picture studies with her children. 

Nearly thirteen years later in 2011, Elle experienced significant changes in her personal life as God launched her on a dramatic, new journey as a single mother. She found herself thrust into a traumatic and painful season, and yet, supernaturally experienced new levels of freedom, rest, healing, love, hope and power, as well as a renewed hunger for the early seeds of creativity from childhood. These years that followed cultivated a fresh desire for all women to experience the same compassion, hope and freedom that she experienced in Christ, and especially women who were walking seasons of trauma, grief and abuse. As she continues to walk a life post-2011, God continues to reveal His ever-present beauty & courage within the messiness of life - teaching her how to live life art-fully.

Elle Renee Studio is an idea inspired by God to minister & creatively express the truth of Christ, the healing & revelatory power of the Holy Spirit and the Divine beauty among the ashes of life through visual art. Through training and certification in discipleship counseling and theology from an international, accredited ministry, as well as years of informal art studies, Elle will guide you through a time of teaching, reflection & encountering the Holy Spirit for the purpose of creating, healing and spiritual growth. 

Elle is often described as a gifted writer, a passionate and insightful teacher of art, history and the bible, empathetic, kind, witty, analytical  and creative. She has often experienced & been affirmed by others to possess the spiritual gifts of prophecy, intercession, wisdom & discernment and loves the opportunity to use these to edify other women and inspire them to pursue more of God.

She is a forever life-long learner at heart, fascinated by Jesus, ancient history and personality-psychology (INFP anyone?). She will never say no to Starbucks, chips & guacamole, a Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or LOST binge watching marathon, or extra lunch dates with her growing kiddos. In her spare time, she can be found experimenting with the latest new art techniques, writing, working, relaxing to music, enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with friends, trying to stay accountable to some semblance of a pilates workout and waiting for the creative inspiration which always come just after midnight. 

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