These workshops are modified versions of our journaling series, plus healing art exercises. Each workshop is a minimum of 3.5 hrs but can be customized & expanded to fit your ministry need.

We will produce three artistic creations for you to take home. Two will be forms of expressive art with the focus on the process and not the product. Each activity builds upon itself in conjunction with the teaching and journaling time. Everyone will go home with one instructional art canvas - no art experience is necessary for the workshop - we promise! :)

Weekend long retreats are available as well. Contact us for more information.


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4 Days that Changed the World

Local workshop: How your whole life fits into Jesus' final four days - the suffering, the cross, the death, the resurrection. These 4 days changed the world. Learn how the days of pain, courage, hope & love can empower you to be the change in your own world. 


Local Workshop: Jesus loved talking about nature, plants, seeds & trees when He taught about His Kingdom, Heaven, relationships, your purpose and more. We see that all of creation is an expression of Creator God and there is much that nature can teach, encourage and inspire us in our pursuit of healthy soul living. We can't live in every season at the same time, but we can learn the art of being present & mindful in each season and calling them all beautiful. Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall workshops available.

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Custom Workshops & Retreats

Would you like to bring Elle Renee Studio to your location for a workshop? No problem! We love to travel, talk about Jesus & inspire creativity and healing both in the U.S. and abroad! All workshops & retreats can be customized. You can choose a theme from one of our current art journaling classes, current local workshops above, or you & Elle can discuss creating a one-of-a-kind brand new art theme to support the lesson or vision you have for the women in your ministerial care. Contact Elle to discuss details & reserve a date on the 2018-2019 calendar. 

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