Single Mamas from Soroti, Uganda with Beauty for Ashes Uganda


In late July of 2014, I had the privilege of meeting nearly 1000 women from 31 villages living in the Teso region of Soroti, Uganda who are partnered with a remarkable ministry, Beauty for Ashes Uganda.  BFAU exists to empower and encourage these women by helping to meet both their immediate and long term sustainable needs, as well as communicating to each woman that she is SEEN, she is LOVED and she is full of VALUE because she is a daughter of God!  

BFAU has constructed cooperatives for each village as their primary means to empower these mamas towards long term sustainability for their families.  These cooperatives provide a team structure in which the women support one another emotionally and spiritually, as well as administratively and financially towards the growth of their homesteads and businesses.  The women who have joined the cooperatives of BFAU comprise of widowed and abandoned single mothers and grandmothers who are often living in poverty and caring for large numbers of children, both their own and orphaned children. 

BFAU isn't a missions program and my time in Uganda wasn't a missions trip.  As it is stated on their website, everything being done through BFAU is simply an organic, radical "act of love gone awry." BFAU results from hearts that overflow with Jesus' love and are willing to follow wherever that current takes them.  

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