Personal Reflection #1

One of my personal ambitions as a writer on this team was to observe the women through the eyes of Jesus.  Who did He see?  Who had He made them to be?  Who was He and what was He doing both among the tragedies and among the miracles in these villages?  These mamas are fellow sisters in Christ and are made with His image in the same ways we uniquely represent Him as female.  We are daughters, mothers, sisters.  We feel, we nurture, we suffer long for family, we talk and laugh and love, we dream, we support, we lead, we sacrifice, we cheer, we cry, we hope.  Their circumstances are often vastly different from the circumstances we endure, but their desires and identity and emotions are the same.  We can all relate to dreams, to rejection, to betrayal, to fear, the longing to be seen and known, loved and valued.  We can all relate to having problems and feeling incapable or powerless to solve them.  These feelings and challenges are the women’s experiences and I wanted to see where Father God was among their personal journeys.  And I wanted to join Him.  From Thursday to Monday I was blessed to walk with Him alongside the brokenhearted, the poor, the widows and the orphans.  He is near to these precious families, and the closer I drew to them, the closer I drew to Him.

Elle NeeseComment