Send Me to Soroti, Uganda!

Can I be any more excited about Elle Renee Studio's FIRST partnership with an amazing ministry focused on empowering women?!  I'm talking about Beauty for Ashes Uganda, founded by a dear, passionate sister in Christ, Brandi McElheny.  Brandi has one of the biggest hearts I know and is relentlessly pursuing ways to bring the radical, healing and liberating love of Jesus to women.  She has been working with local women in Uganda for the past two years and currently serves 30 villages in the country.  She is leading two teams in July to continue to promote the work being accomplished in the lives of these women and their communities.  One team will consist of experienced businessmen and women who will come alongside the mamas and their business ventures to provide instruction and counsel as these women continue to pursue and expand their business cooperatives they have started.  Check out the site to read more!!

A second team will consist of photographers, writers, designers and videographers who can document the lives and activities of these women and their communities and present their stories in a creative and authentic way to encourage and inspire people around the world to get involved!  Guess which team I want to be a part of?!  :)

Here's where YOU come in.  I need to raise $3000 before July in order to join the creative team for this trip.  God has put a big-picture calling on my life to "go and communicate the truth in a creative way" and I can hardly imagine a more thrilling opportunity to fulfill this calling.  God put this idea on my heart last winter to document what Brandi is doing in this part of the world and I didn't tell anyone.  So when she revealed her desire to bring a creative team to Uganda this summer, I knew I needed to be involved!

In order to raise this money, I will be offering free mini-photography sessions this fall and holiday season!   You will get an hour of my time and will receive the digital images of the shoot within 48 hours!  Donations are welcomed, whatever amount you feel led or are able to give!

Donations of $100 or more will receive a complimentary, professionally designed 10 spread album of the session!!

Call or email to schedule your appointment!



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