Don't Stop on Six, Part 5: Almost There

Never in a thousand years did I think it would take an entire year to write six posts on what was supposed to be a quick series that I started at the beginning of the year, ha.  But this art is certainly imitating my life... this year has been all about being quiet and slowly, dutifully putting one foot in front of the other. And then doing it again the next day, and the next day, and the day after that... I have no idea where I'm going other than it certainly feels like it's in circles, but as I've written earlier this year, the walls that God has in mind to break down are often the ones built within instead. At least, initially.

What are your walls? It's hard to look at them sometimes, isn't it?  Are they walls of rebellion, pride, fear, independence, anxiety, depression, deception?  What's your go-to, fleshly coping mechanisms when pain threatens to attack you - how do you try to control the uncontrollable around you? I have my own list of personal coping skillz and God has been pretty committed to driving these out of me this year.  Are you as stubborn as me?!  No matter how many times I fail myself, I still manage to try to do it in my own strength instead of fully surrendering.  What am I scared of, what is so hard about surrendering?!  Do you struggle too?  I wanted to share some notes I jotted down not too long ago when I sought out some wisdom and truth on the subject. These thoughts come from Havliah Cunnington, in particular a message she gave on "Perseverance."

I hope these will bless you as well as you do some soul searching this rainy Monday and let God speak to your heart as it struggles with laying down its deepest desires and entrusting them to the one who made them.  He knows us, He knows the art we are created to be and it is GOOD. 

* is God asking you to lay something down and trust Him - the enemy loves to use the part of us that is afraid that the cost will be greater than the reward - this is a lie - this kind of submission is not of God's spirit.

* if God is asking you to submit and surrender something - it WILL produce life giving fruit and abundance - you will NOT be without - He always produces life - His nature can't produce anything else! If you're not experiencing life, it's because you're not experiencing or following Him in an area.

* the moment you believe the lie that the cost is greater than the reward (or you fear the cost more than the reward) is the moment you will bow down to the cost (Enemy) instead of God

* i love you, but be careful, don't act like you don't know how to persevere because you don't want to. You do know how because it's in your God DNA - you could ROCK this if you wanted to!!

Do you want to rock this life with me?! We were created to be More than Conquerors! Does the Promised Land or a life of Abundance and Prosperity seem like a fairy tale instead your own testimony? C'mon, we are so close! Maybe you have needed to take some time for the Lord to do some serious molding, gutting and re-configuring in your heart, just like me and just like the Israelites. Maybe you have spent month after month freshly obeying, freshly quieting your heart before the Lord, blindly walking, trusting, praising and thanking Him, but the walls haven't quite come down yet. Don't quit now!!! Surrender whatever else is left and take one more lap. Victory IS coming soon!


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