Starting Over... Again.


Well, I have several other posts hanging out here in my draft folder, but before I get any further on publishing anything else, I wanted to post, well, I guess a post marking this new season in my life.  I haven't even had the chance to post about 4 years ago, when my world was rocked.  Or the time two years ago in January, when my world imploded again and I incurred many losses.  And now I'm here, January 2015, and facing larger mountains than ever before and greater valleys than ever before.  I did not see this season coming.  I won't pretend to even understand it.  (Remember, He's been working on that with me as well!)  As the past two weeks have sunk in, I've actually been reminded of my own words here.  That's accountability for you!  But He brought me truth before this happened, and He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Heb. 13:8).  His goodness was pursuing me before January 15, and His goodness pursued me on January 15 and His goodness continues to pursue me now and going further.  ("I will not lower my theology to match my pain," Christa Black).  

I'm sure anyone reading is wondering, what the heck happened?!  And I hope to find ways of sharing the different experiences and journey I am on.  I also want to protect my children and they don't need our drama flung wide open on the internet.  So there's that.  But I want to share what I have learned and more importantly, who God is through all that I have and continue to walk.

It can be overwhelming, and confusing, and daunting when you find yourself in the middle of true spiritual attacks, no matter who you are or what you are facing.  The Bible tells us we have a Real Enemy and he absolutely hates us.  Because our Father has chosen us and has rejected him.  And all this enemy does is steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  I have found myself up against this force many a time over the last four years.  Ephesians 6:12 tells us our battles aren't with flesh and blood but with principalities.  Indeed.  

There are many things in my life right now that I don't have control over.  Circumstances I wouldn't have chosen.  Circumstances I wish would change.  I'm sure you have your own struggles in your life too.  Trials you had hoped to avoid.  Pain you wish would go away.  And yet, there they are, trying to take away your life.  Because that's how the enemy works.  He's a master of deflection: these trials are about flesh and blood, fight over there with the people in your lives, he lies.  He tricks and scares you into thinking these trials are huge and powerful - because this is the only way he can feel huge and powerful, because in reality, he is insecure, a failure and utterly powerless.  All he can do is steal your belief that he is powerful and something to be feared.

Well, I refuse to agree with him.  He wants to silence me and frighten me by stripping the dearest things in my heart right now?  Well, here's my response to that:

I'll get louder and keep shouting MY GOD IS GOOD AND I'M NOT GIVING UP!!!!!

We have been given every power and authority that is Christ's - we have been given Everything to conquer and overcome whatever is thrown at us.  RIght now, my circumstances are not what I would have chosen.  But He is giving me a new vision for how to overcome, how to thrive in this season, how to truly live each day with full hope and joy and peace.  No matter your life experience, He IS in it.  

He has allowed a new season for me, one of financial, material and relational losses.  Again.  But He has reminded me - what did He do the last time I was in this place?  He restored and redeemed abundantly, set me back up on my feet with more than before the loss occurred.  This is a setback, but perhaps it's also a set up for even More that God wants to do in and for me!  Are you going through something similar too?  We are going to push our sights beyond the pruning we see right now, convinced there will be More New Growth in the not so distant future.  This is one way we win, every time.  Satan kills, for a season, but God resurrects, for an eternity.  He is For You, even during the dry and broken and barren times - He IS going to use whatever loss you are experiencing FOR YOUR GOOD (Romans 8:28).  Preach to yourself today on the basis of what God has already said about your tomorrows:  He's already worked them all out - all the details - they are already accomplished!  They are already fixed.  They are already reconciled and at peace.  This is part of the accomplishment of Christ and the victory He's sharing with you!  You've already succeeded - you just have to believe and keep walking until you step into the full reality!!

Do not give up!  Do not let the powerless and weak enemy confuse you or gain a temporary win!  The more we deny him power the faster we usher in Christ's loving Kingdom and destroy Satan's sick one.  Fight back by declaring God's goodness, standing in His promises of Who He is, praising Him more loudly than ever before and enjoying every part of this journey!  Yes, ENJOY, even amid the trials.  Evil hurls its best attempts to destroy you.  But you can LAUGH AT each absurd whack he tries to take at you.  

This is righteous mockery.  Yes, Joy mocks Evil!  Do you think God is watching over us and is scared?  Of course not!  He is Joy - He's enjoying every part of this.  He's not enjoying our suffering, please know that - but He is enjoying the opportunity to take every arrow of destruction, sickness, loss, poverty, cruelty, betrayal, sadness and mysteriously and creatively redesign them to bring forth life and goodness, kindness and abundance FOR YOU instead.  He LOVES you - His Goodness pursues you, He's here to overcome whatever arrows have been hurled at you this week.  

I'm with you, friend.  Let's do this together, let's not give up, let's not despair.  Let's let Him use every opportunity to reveal Himself to others through our journey.  Let's even enjoy it along the way!


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