Day Four, Life: Impossible

So, nothing like a little Children's Bible to help you filter through the sobering questions of adulthood struggles.  I'm reading The Jesus Storybook Bible to my youngest two right now.  (Aside, is this not one of the greatest books ever?!  I tear up nearly every story at the end as she beautifully reminds us of His Never Ending, Aways and Forever Love for us, sigh <3)  Anyway.  

I'm reading this at warp speed in order to get all the stories done leading up to Christmas (I only have the kids about 12 nights total before Christmas) as an Advent focused devotional.  It's perfect and tonight we were reading about Abraham, Sarah and Isaac.

Abraham, to whom was given a crazy promise: to be the Father of Nations.  Married to a barren woman.  And did I mention they were almost as old as dirt?  

A barren woman. The environment: literally, hostile to life.  Indeed, death, that's what it offers.  Yet, a little death never scared God.  He's quite the expert on how to produce something from nothing.  And sure enough, albeit twenty-five years later, the impossible was born, kicking and screaming in all the best ways.   

Know what else I love about this story?  That God's promises are not dependent on Abraham and Sarah.  They doubted.  They laughed.  They took matters into their own hands and attempted to manipulate the results the way they saw fit.  They self-protected and made decisions out of fear.  And in the end, it didn't matter.  Oh, they reaped some real consequences.  They may have experienced delays.  But the Bible says Abe "hoped against hope" and "did not waver" and "was convinced God had power to do what He promised."  (Romans 4:20-21)  Abe persevered, trusted and waited, he matured, and he put his ultimate hope only in the God who could produce something from nothing.  And of course, God's Sovereign Plan won.

What do you do on Day Four, I asked?  When hope seems lost and the dream or circumstance or relationship that God has promised is cold to the touch and you can't even get as much as a heart beat to break forth?  You abandon every other distraction and deceptive alternative and you get into the Presence of Life Itself.  You remind yourself Who you are dealing with!  He IS the God of MIRACLES.  HE is going to be the Way, the Truth and the LIFE.  You let God figure out how to reconcile the challenge of bringing life from something dead.  You take your hope (or hopelessness) out of the facts around you and your feelings inside of you and you throw all your hope into the One who has a long and faithful history of breathing life into the dead places.

Believe.  Stay focused.  Keep trusting.  Be convinced.  And wait.

Oh, and don't tell me a little healthy sarcastic wit and humor isn't straight from Heaven.  Sarah laughed when she was told she was going to have a baby boy.  And then she birthed Isaac, "he laughs," a year later.  Tell me who got the last laugh in this story when it all came to pass?    

I can't wait to hear God's playful "gotcha" laugh when the sun sets on my Day Four!  



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