2015: Goodness

Happy New Year!!

Who doesn't love the beginning of a Thing when All is possible without flaws or failures and only hope and potential lead the way?!  What better day of the year to launch Elle Renee Studio!  Thank you for starting out the adventure with us today!!

Do you have One Word picked out for your new year?  I have several friends posting about their One Word for 2015.  I have always had God cast a vision for my upcoming year with words or phrases, sometimes verses and even songs.  He has given me phrases and direction already for 2015, which I'll share more soon, but I have never picked One Word.  Until this week.

My word for 2015 is: Goodness.

Already this week as I've been meditating on this word, the Lord has revealed so many different ways in which He wants to grow my understanding and experience of goodness - within me, towards others, receiving from Him, and so much more.

I know I will be revisiting this theme throughout the year on the blog, but I'll start it off with one verse that God reminded me of this week and it's been lingering with me ever since:

Psalm 23:6 "Surely God's GOODNESS will pursue me all the days of my life."

This word, pursue, references the pursuit of a king or general in battle.  This pursuit is focused and fierce, relentless and victorious.  And this is God's attitude and action towards me.  He is on a mission, like a king in battle, to get His goodness to me!  His goodness is always on the way and ready to catch up to me - and I want to be available and ready to receive it.  Every day, all the days.  I am going to wake up tomorrow ready to receive the goodness that He's been sending to me while I sleep.  And not a passive or weak or timid idea of doing some sort of good for me.  His heart is intense and fiercely passionate and His goodness bears the same attitude

Isn't that what we all want?  And yet we're all too afraid to believe it or receive it.  But I am ready for it this year - no more fear, no more pride, no more whatever - I want His intense goodness catching up with me and overtaking me!  In my personal life and with Elle Renee Studio, and I know His heart is to do the same for you!  

I'm gonna be tracking His goodness here all year long - and the more the merrier on this journey! This is your official invite and I expect to see you along the way!


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