Waiting on Your Hebron

Anyone else still waiting on a promise?

Hopefully this will encourage someone today as it did me: Caleb (in the book of Joshua) was *promised* the city of Hebron. But he had to wait 40 years due to other people's unfaithfulness. Then when that season finally ended, he had to fight another 5 years on behalf of his brothers before it was *his* time to get his Hebron. And then when it was finally his time... the city was actually unsafe to claim. There were literal giants inhabiting the land.

Can you imagine how despairing that would feel?! Hebron, his promise, was still unsafe for him. It still wasn't quite the right timing for him to step into and fully claim the promise.

But God would still be faithful. Caleb had to continue to believe, continue to fight, drive out the giants, and then when Hebron was *safe* he could finally step into his promise. And he did. And Caleb and his family thrived at the right timing of it all.

And then later on do you know what the city of Hebron became? God designated it to be one of three official cities of asylum. Of refuge. Of safety, for any Israelite who unintentionally killed someone. Hebron, his promise, that he had to wait so long for because it was dangerous... became a city marked for safety, not only for Caleb, but for any in the entire nation that needed it most.

God knows the perfect timing to complete His promises for us. And God fulfills, redeems and restores, more than double portion in the end, always.

Elle NeeseComment