Embrace Your Place

Pretty much everything I write here for the next, oh, maybe year, is going to come from my journals from 2013-2014.  There was so much rich dialogue between the Lord and I during this time, it's too good to not to share!  And I need the reminders and encouragement as well heading into 2015!  

Where are you today?  Are you in a season of transition?  Or a valley, longing for that mountaintop?  Or desperate for even just a plateau, as long as it's not the valley or desert anymore?!  I've been there.  Even Jesus had to go to places He didn't want to go to before getting to where He did want to be.  Gethsemane and the Cross were endured before being exalted at the right hand of God in Heaven.  There is purpose in those places of grief and death.  Maybe you're experiencing the loneliness, cruelty, abandonment, rejection and betrayal Christ experienced.  Do what Jesus did: don't fight it and keep moving through it.  Don't avoid Gethsemane and don't get stuck there either.  Embrace the journey.  There is purpose in all of it.

When you embrace your place, you become irreplaceable.  Even in the midst of the darkest and bitterest moments of your journey, there is no one else more fit than you to be experiencing what you're experiencing.  You are revealing part of God's character to the world in ways that no one else can when you embrace the unique design God has orchestrated for your life! 

And really, is there any better redemption than that?  No matter the loss - the relationship, the job, the circumstance - no replacement of these could ever measure up to the redemption God brings to your loss(es) and hurt(s) when He chooses to use them by revealing Himself to others - or even to yourself.

Jesus had to push all the way through the process of the Cross for us to recognize and know God as Savior.  We have to persevere through our own trials and pain in order to know God as MORE.  And there is always more to discover.  Have you known Him as Healer in the past?  Maybe this time He wants you to know Him as Resurrector.  Have you known Him as Friend in the past?  Maybe this time He wants you to know Him as Lover.  Have you known Him as Provider?  Maybe this time He wants you to know Him as Sustainer and Security.  There is always More and He is always worth it.  And the world is desperately needy for Him - embrace your place to make Him known.

Embrace your circumstances right now, in the thick of it all, and discover how God will reveal Himself to you and through you, to others.  


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