Relentlessly For You

I've mentioned my journals before.  These are such treasures, I am so grateful I have these.  I've spent the last several hours reading through the fall of this past year.  Emotional.  But one of the themes I know God is trying to encourage me in is this, and I am confident this is His heart for you as well:

He is FOR US, relentlessly, tirelessly, even through our weaknesses.  

I have made so many mistakes and have been so weak in the last several years.  Some choices were foolishly naive.  Some choices were destructively fearful and born out of incredible pain.  Some choices were blatantly sinful.  

And through every one God comes to me with this promise:

Child, I am FOR YOU.  I am still the Giver in the middle of your weakness.  I am still your Lover full of kindnesses and mercies for you to receive in the middle of your consequences.  I am still your Cheerleader encouraging you that I believe in you in the middle of your failed attempt to obey.  I am FOR YOU, every time, every day, no matter what choices you are making.  I want the best for you, at all times.  When you sin, I am for you and so I immediately spring into action to redeem and work all things for your good.  When you bear the pain of sin's consequences, I am for you and so I immediately look for ways to alleviate the suffering, to pour on mercy, to cover your shame or embarrassment, to comfort.  I am immediately available to give you my peace and love through the pain.  And any amount of pain that you experience, I take that too and use it for you, for your good, for your future, for your character and I only have you experience the perfect amount that works for your favor - I never ask you to suffer any amount that goes unredeemed or untouched by My presence.  

I am for you.  I am willing to start over again, and again, and again the next day, and again the next hour, and again the next hour after that if necessary.  I want you to know how free and loved and powerful you are.  I want you to have abundant living.  And I am relentless - I will not stop looking for ways to do and be and show you these things because I am FOR YOU.  

Do you have a "life verse?"  There are two verses that have been especially profound to me since 2000 and I think on them fondly as my "life verses."  But it wasn't until the end of 2013 that it dawned on me the phrase "for you" was found in the middle of these verses, TWICE (!):

"What then shall we say in response to this?  If God is FOR US, who can be against us?  He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up FOR US all, how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?"  Romans 8:31-32

I've been tempted lately to believe His goodness towards me is being sabotaged by my failed attempts to obey or be "good enough."  And yet, I need the reminder, He is FOR ME no matter what my actions are.  Of course, His nature and goodness are not dependent on my behavior.  Hallelujah, I am not actually more powerful than He is!  He certainly isn't existing in fear of me -so I don't need to be either! 

In fact, In Psalm 23, He says His goodness is relentlessly pursuing me all the days of my life.   Pursuing me with the intensity of a king or general in a battle.  It is fierce and focused.  No matter what choices I'm making - good, weak, poor, sinful, or anything in between... He is FOR ME smack in the middle of it.  

Whatever you are experiencing, in the wake of any failed or weak or sinful choices, He is actively FOR YOU still in the middle of it all.  It will be okay.



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