Day Four: the Way, Impossible

I read on in the story of Abraham and Isaac... God asked Abe to sacrifice his son.  God asked Abe to believe he would be the Father of Nations. 

What do you do when it seems like what God said He would do and who He said He would be isn't what happens?  What do you do when God is asking you do what seemingly contradicts what He just told you to do?!  What do you do when God asks you to do something that doesn't make any sense?  

Do you realize HOW OFTEN God does this?!

Joseph: the promise = your brothers will bow down to you while you rule.  the next event = you're sold to Egypt as a slave and later end up in jail.  

David: the promise = you will be king of Israel.  the next event = go back to your fields and sheep and later spend three years running for your life from a madman.

Martha & Lazarus: the promise = the sickness will not end in death.  the next event = your sick brother dies.

World: the promise = the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.  Baby conceived with a woman from Nazareth.

There are so many other examples.  God makes promises and then seemingly launches off in the opposite direction of what should happen in order for the promise to take place.  His ways are not our ways.   

Noticing a theme here in my life?  You don't try to understand because sometimes you just can't. At least, not immediately.  Yet Abe obeyed both requests and let God take on the responsibility of reconciling the conundrum.  He had learned a thing or two since the last time God had promised Him he would have a baby... and he hadn't trusted.  That time he and Sarah gave into their doubts and fears and pride, decided they knew the best way to achieve becoming a father of nations.  He had slept with Sarah's maidservant, conceived Ishmael, and indeed became a father to much of the Middle East region and eventually became the patriarch of the Islamic religion as well.  Oh, what our own ways can do the perfect plans of God.  

But this time, though God was asking him to do a seemingly impossible task that flew in the face of what God promised, Abe knew it wasn't his job to figure it all out.  He didn't have to know the way, He just knew He would trust the One who was the Way.  

And He did.  Interestingly, God never planned for Isaac to die.  God asked Abe to sacrifice him, but His plan was never to kill him.  God made a way for all of His words to be true and come to pass.

Because it wasn't really about Abe or Sarah, specifically.  It was about His Kingdom reigning again on Earth.  And God knew how walking Abe through the potential sacrifice of his son could lead towards that ultimate purpose.  Whatever you are waiting on that God has promised to you, if its purpose is rooted in God's plan for His Kingdom, you can know it will come to pass.  Keep persevering and putting your hope in the very same God and do not waver - God has enough power to do what He has promised.



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