Join a Different Tribe

"... the tribe of Dan was looking for a place to settle down. They hadn't yet occupied their plot among the tribes of Israel." Judges 18:1.

WHAT?! I read that this morning and was again struck at how crazy the people of Israel were at this time. This is about 300+ years (!) after they had already left the wilderness, fought the battles and every other tribe had claimed and settled into the Promise Land. But the tribe of Dan... they're still wandering. They're still walking in circles. They're still doubting, still living in fear, still distracted, still lost, still not believing... so easy for me to read this and think, what is your problem you crazy people?! Three hundred years and you're still not convinced to action?!?! That's nutz! They've seen their brothers step out in faith and win. They've watched God's steadfast faithfulness to their brothers in every situation. And yet, three hundred years later (!) this tribe of Dan is still responding with "let's survey the land one more time and see what we think." Seriously?! Stop questioning and looking at it and go claim it! And yet, hitting way.too.close.too.home. I have my own specific, practical promises that I feel like I'm still circling, still not convinced over, still asking God, are you sure? And maybe you are the antithesis of me and you are the personification of action and a do-er and a warrior... and yet, you are still circling the daily rest God has promised, or the peace, the joy, the gentleness, the faith, the courage, even salvation... still surveying - maybe God's Word is sufficient, let me look again but not so ready to claim it. Or not convinced enough to claim it.

Encouraging both of us today, enough already! I'm tired of looking, questioning, fearing, wandering. For the love, let's go take what God has given us!

Elle NeeseComment