Taking + Breaking = More

God's ways are not our ways.  Subtraction plus Division = Multiplication?!  That doesn't even make sense.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a season of brokenness, a season of having things taken from us.  God never just takes from us - there is only one Thief.  God is not the thief.  He is the Giver.  When things, or people, or dreams, or relationships, or plans, or whatever, is being taken from you, it is uncertain and frightening, but He IS going to bring you into a season of abundance.  If He is the author of the taking, then be convinced it is only so He can make space to give back more.   

Often during these seasons, our focus is on the things being removed.  But in all seasons, God's focus is on our hearts.  Our hearts are the object of His love, His passion, and He wants us utterly dependent on Just Him.   

His heart longs to GIVE to you!  That may sound backwards in this season of taking, breaking, losing, grieving.  Being without.  But He is leading you through this in order for Him to GIVE back MORE and show you His abundant, full heart FOR YOU.  All through His power alone, so you can't explain the abundance any other way but from Him.  He gets the credit.  He gets your heart.  You get abundant life. You get the Source of Life. It's coming.  It's Who He is.  

Surrender the losses into His hands, give thanks, wait.  And then get ready to watch God have some fun! He took & broke an old man & barren woman and turned them into a nation. He took & broke a young boy who lost his family, job, reputation & freedom and reestablished him as a leader of an empire. He took a snack of a few fish & loaves of bread and rearranged it into a feast for 5000. 

And He's going to do the same miracle in and for you. Abundance is already on its way.

Elle NeeseComment