Get Your Attack On

Do you journal?  Let me encourage you - do it!  I have been journaling, well, forever, but especially since May 2013.  And I am SO glad I have been so consistent this past year.  These notebooks are rich treasures now. I was reading back over a brief page from June 2014:

If there's one thing Satan doesn't want is for you to praise and adore God!  Now, if there's one thing I've developed over the past couple of years is a fresh, deep hatred for evil.  I am DONE with the accuser/thief/liar scaring the heck out of us children of God and trying to steal OUR power and OUR authority.  There are many ways to take him out, but one of the best ways to fight him, is through our worship.

Specifically, respond to a direct attack with Praise!  Why?  Because it will practically force Satan to stop attacking you.  What?!  Oh yes - He absolutely will not continue to do something that leads to God getting honor and praise and worship!!

This is powerful!  Try it!

Today, November 2014, my biggest vulnerabilities and attacks are feeling overwhelmed by a few specific failures and regrets, and now add worry that I will continue to repeat these.  So, I can either agree with an enemy who absolutely wants me defeated by these lies... or I can fight back.  

I can PRAISE GOD and THANK HIM for redeeming my failures and turning them into future successes and victories.  I can WORSHIP Him and Love Him for the promises of Romans 8:28, that He is committed to taking every mistake or misstep and working it towards my good.  I can THANK HIM and CELEBRATE Him for being sufficient to meet all my needs and desires of my heart until He is ready to fulfill promises.  

This drives away an obnoxious enemy who was trying to intimidate me with his raging lies.  And my focus is redirected on a God who is committed to my good.  Win-win!  Battling the Lord's way is not only victorious, it's a double portion of victory all the time!

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