Looking for One-on-One Mentoring & Healing?


Elle Renee Studio was created to support women towards whole, healthy living.  You are both body and soul and we encourage you to pursue all avenues available to promote your healthy physical & mental self.  Here at Elle Renee Studio, founder Elle Neese wants to help you strengthen your spiritual self by focusing on your spirit, mind & heart.

Elle uses structured biblical teaching, certified advanced discipleship training and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to offer individual mentoring to women.

 Elle has a passion and calling to help hurting and wounded women.  Do you find yourself in a season of loss, chronic pain, grief, trauma, divorce, betrayal, abuse? Does it feel like your life has turned upside down unexpectedly? Have you been profoundly devastated by others or your own actions have led to painful ruins? Do you want help moving from surviving to thriving? Do you wonder where God fits in all of this?

You are not alone. It is easy to feel exhausted and hopeless when you’re in a season of brokenness. But there is power, joy and purpose in your future, no matter what has happened in your life up to this point.

You hold tremendous value. You are worth healing and restoring.  You are loved. 



What is Discipleship Mentoring?

How is this different from traditional counseling?

Are you against traditional counseling/psychology?

Who is your preferred clientele?

Tell me more about the process - do we meet for a determined amount of time?

What are your theological beliefs?

How much does this cost? 

How can I schedule an initial intake consultation appointment?

Are you willing to mentor via Skype as well as your office?