Hi, I'm Elle!  Thanks for taking a moment to check out my new site!  I hope this can be a place where we can hang out and get to know each other, be real, feel safe, get inspired, be encouraged, be challenged and laugh.  Definitely laugh!  There's nothing a little appreciation for sarcasm won't cure and we're gonna pour it on thick, along with a hefty cup of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!  That's how I do it and I know of no better way!

Today, you'll find me single mom'ing life - loving on my three boys and one princess, designing albums for Align Album Design, cheering my kids on the soccer fields, advocating for single mamas in villages in Uganda, laundry, cooking, cleaning, painting, drawing, writing, studying, worshiping, hanging out with friends.  And sometimes I even sleep and breathe on the extra special days. 

I'm a lover of Truth and Art, and Elle Renee Studio is a ministry formed out of an outflow of these passions and a calling from God.   He's given me a personal mission statement, to "go and communicate truth in a creative way."  As an introvert, I'm in constant internal dialogue with Jesus as I walk through the day with an over-abundance of questions, opinions, random fleeting thoughts and when I'm lucky, an insight or two, and why not start sharing the inner workings of my mind and heart with the public on the brand new She Rebirths blog?!  (Yikes!)

Why the name "She Rebirths?"  I'm so glad you asked!  In February 2011, my entire world was rocked from the inside, the outside, from the left and from the right, and anywhere and everywhere else in between!  To read the go-grab-your-favorite-drink-and-don't-go-anywhere-soon version, click here.  The short version is that by the following year, I had reached a level of brokenness like I had never experienced before.  

Let me back up.  When I was four, I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.  My first memory of talking to Jesus was when I was six.  And at eight, I wanted to be a writer.  Shortly after my 15th birthday, I surrendered my life to the Lord and within the year felt called into ministry. 

And then I went on a 20 year journey.

I travelled through adolescence and adulthood, through childhood, spousal and spiritual abuse, fear and oppression, motherhood, family deaths, religion, friendships, community, homeschooling, divorce, betrayal, accusations, lust, relational idolatry, brokenness, loss, grief and so much more. 

By October 2012, in the depths of my heartbreak, loss, messiness and despair; in the middle of a weeping session at my desk while the kids were at school, Jesus drew near and lifted my gaze up towards a picture of my daughter and I that hung above my desk. 

And I don’t know how to explain it other than when I looked at this picture of me, I understood in my soul that I was no longer looking at Michelle Renee, my name I had been given 35 years prior, but I heard Him speak into my heart my new name: Elle Renee.  Shortly after, I looked up the name meanings.

Elle: she.  Renee: rebirths.

This ministry is for every other woman out there who feels broken, lost, wounded, confused and needs to start over, to rebirth.  For the woman who needs to start over after a rough day, or after a beat up life.  I want to share with you what and WHO I've discovered in this rebirthing, because I want you to have a supernatural encounter with Him too!  Cause He is crazy in love with you and can't wait to show you MORE for your life!