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Our four and twelve week Art Journaling HE{ART}PRINTS classes will take you on a multi-sensory integrated journey into an encounter with the ultimate Artist.  We want to provide a place where women can shut the world away for a few hours each week and experience a safe, relaxed and holy atmosphere to interact with the God of creation.  

Art is a profound depiction of who we are in the hands of the Master Craftsman.  As we work through our own creations we will discover that the process of creating teaches us much about the process of life, and the relationship between the artist and his work.  

While creating each week's artwork, we will explore this dynamic and relationship through Elle's leading and teaching, as well as during quiet, reflective moments as the Holy Spirit will guide you personally through your creative process.  Think of it like a bible study but at a crazy new level of creative expression!  Your soul will not be the same by the end of the series - and you will have a visual book of beauty declaring over you the healing and empowering truths and inspiration you encountered during this season of your life.




Season: I AM (Thou Art)

Identity in Christ


Season: Between the Trees

A Gospel Walk Thru the Gardens of the Bible


Season: All Things New

Winter Season


Season: Dance With Me

Springtime Season


Season: Time for Deliverance

Season of Advent 


Season: Ancient Sisters

Love, Acceptance, Worth & Security



4 Week Series
Location Coming Soon
Winston-Salem, NC
(704) 661-7703

12 Week Series
Location Coming Soon
Charlotte, NC
(704) 661 - 7703