"Beauty Roots Meekly Deep"

From the Winter Series

Anyone feel like you're treading a lonely path in the midst of a bitter or barren winter season? Life isn't always colorful. I hear countless stories of brokenness & pain, seasons of loss & hardships. But winter teaches a profound lesson of hope. There is purpose in the quiet and still and rest. You may not be producing what you had been or what you want to be, but do not despair. There is new beauty and new growth collaborating in the places you don't yet see within you. There are some things in your life that need to die so that new life can begin. Trust the season of preparation for new life. Rest in Him who is carrying the burden of creating beauty and life from the cold and dead. He excels at this. Look at the colors coming, that's you! Those are your dreams, your talents, your gifts, your ministries, your purposes being formed and ready for the right time to bear fruit. Don't rush it. The buds can't withstand a late season freeze if they sprout too early. Choose to trust and rest, choose to embrace the winter and still hope for the spring. Call each season beautiful, even this one.